In February of 1999, my wife, who was my girlfriend at the time, and I traveled to the beach to visit with family. We each had different family members that resided at the beach and we would often take trips throughout the year to visit with them. Typically, I would stay with my sister and her family while my wife would stay with her mother. Fortunately for us, my sister and her mother lived within walking distance of one another.

On this particular visit I did what I normally did when visiting my sister and brother-in-law, party and watch movies. I’ll never forget the movie we were watching that evening was, aptly titled, Disturbing Behavior. While watching the film I recall having the strangest sense that I had seen it before, not exactly a case of deja-vu, but, rather, that I knew the story.

As it was, my sister, her husband, and myself were each feeling something odd was occurring while watching the film. The weirdness reached a level where we agreed to turn off the television prior to the conclusion of the film. We began discussing how we were each feeling strangely affected by watching the movie. After a break, we elected to watch the remainder of the film. I remember thinking to myself that certain aspects of the film, the dialogue, editing, and direction, seem to correlate with the hypnotic aspect of the storyline. As I pondered on this  concept, my body abruptly began to tremble.

The sensation was terrifying. I was consciously witnessing my body go into a state of shock. Every ounce of me was trembling. It felt as though I were trembling in my bones, to my very core. I could not move as my whole nervous system appeared to be under attack. I thought I must be having a heart attack. I feared for my life.

I was still able to speak through the tremors. I quickly conveyed my concerns that something terrible was happening to me. I recall that my sister was very shaken by the situation. She sat seriously still while continually expressing hopeful assurances. My brother-in-law came over to me and attempted to calm me by rubbing my shoulders and assuring me that everything would be all right. I remember this immense feeling of paranoia as he stood behind me. I was terrified something harmful was going to happen to me and that there wasn’t anything I could do about it. The fear was so intense that I actually felt some  relief when he returned to sit next to my sister. I didn’t know what was happening to me, or why, and this understanding only compounded my fright.

Then IT happened. A force, powerful and invisible, rushed over my mind and body. This supernatural sensation seemed to last about a minute and it’s content was, amazingly, consisting of every answer I could ever imagine. For the brief period that this sensation washed over me, I felt as though I understood everything that there is to understand. The best description that I can provide for how the supernatural force felt was IT being a Waterfall of Knowledge. 

Pure awe was my initial sense as IT completed washing over me. Thankfully, and wonderfully, my sister and brother-in-law shared in the experience. Our immediate communal reaction to the experience was joy. Not only were we now fully aware, awakened, to the existence of God, but, also with the understanding that we were loved by Him. I remember actually dancing for joy in the kitchen with my brother-in-law soon after our shared acknowledgement of our experience. Humorously, I called my wife, shortly after, exclaiming that I had found God. It would be some time later that I would recognize the fact that I hadn’t found Him, but, rather, that He introduced Himself.

To this day, I cannot recollect any of the information (that beautiful wisdom) that I was exposed to during my experience. I trust there’s a good reason for it. I am, however, left with the memory of the peace that resonated from the experience of having complete understanding (imagine alleviating all fears associated with not having understanding) and with the continual assurance that God is with us.


I have come to the belief that the IT, that Waterfall of Knowledge, that poured over me and awakened me to the existence of God was the Holy Spirit. Part of my reasoning comes from simply an understanding, while another part is the result of encounters, shortly after this experience, with the other two Persons of the Holy Trinity (“You are Purified” & Abba) .

It is important to note that prior to my encounter I had little, to no, faith. I was not interested in finding God nor was I in making any effort toward developing a faith life. Not only was I lacking in faith, but, I would generally argue against it. I was prideful towards my own intellect and no one could tell me how to think or what to believe in. I was very content existing in my oblivion. I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have had someone in my life who loved me so much that they would pray for my conversion. More than a month’s time prior to my encounter my wife was praying a daily rosary for my conversion. I am eternally grateful for her prayers and to God which bestowed the grace from which her prayers came.