Personal revelations are profound spiritual experiences that are presented to an individual by way of a supernatural occurrence. These occurrences can be miracles, miraculous healings, locutions, apparitions and visions.

Often, persons who are deeply religious have experienced some form of personal revelation. Personal revelations can occur as a result of meditation and contemplative prayer. Considering the logic provided by Jesus in the Book of Luke, chapter 11 versus’ 9-13  (“And I tell you, ask and you will receive;… how much more will the Father in heaven give the holy Spirit to those who ask him?”), it is understandable that those seeking to develop a relationship with God through prayer might be graced with an intimate gift, a personal revelation, that provides a greater understanding and deeper appreciation of that relationship.

There are also instances where a personal revelation is bestowed upon an individual who is lacking in faith. The conversion of Saul is prime example of this type of instance. The apostle Paul, formerly Saul, would describe himself as a prisoner of Christ. His description comes as a result of his personal revelation, where upon his experience he could not deny the Lord.

Personal revelations can be perplexing as to whether or not the recipient should, and to what degree, share their experience. One individual described their personal revelation as if they had received a jewel. And, though they would provide others a glimpse of their “jewel”, they would also reserve facets of their experience for themselves as a way of preserving their personal gift and respecting The One who provided it. Others may feel compelled to share every detail of their experience with the thinking that one particular facet might be one which shines brightest to their audience.

Personally, I have shared my personal revelations with numerous persons over the years and have received many different responses from listeners. Some listeners have been very intrigued by my testimonials, where as others have looked at me with a dumbfounded expression. Regardless, I’ve always felt that I have been the recipient of some truly wonderful, and undeserving, gifts. I suspect that if not for my personal revelations that my soul would be in serious jeopardy. And, it’s my desire to share the encounters that changed my life in the hope that it might direct another to seek the Kingdom of God.

My hope is that among the Personal Revelations provided by this site there will be a gallery of testimonials from authors throughout the World.

Individuals desiring to share their personal revelations can do so by posting a brief outline in the comment box along with their e-mail address. Please note that certain qualifications need to be met prior to having a story added to the blog. Testimonials should be simple, concise, objective and humble accounts. Providing details to locations is acceptable, but, please exclude names of persons and businesses or any information that lead to identifying individuals.


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